There is no particular healthcare management angle to Webwatch this week, but some free services are just so useful that it would be a shame not to mention them.We all need to travel at some time or another, most of us want to know what the weather holds, and a bit of advice on where to get a decent pint would be handy.

So the first question facing you is whether to drive or risk the train. Railtrack's travel timetable can help.

Type in your starting point and destination, give it a time for departure or arrival and specify how many train changes you are prepared to endure, and back, with all due punctuality and reliability, comes a schedule.

If you would prefer to be the master of your own destiny, take the car.Both the Automobile Association and RAC offer a pretty similar range of free route-planner, traffic report and hotel services. I found the AA's suggested routes more detailed, and quicker to obtain, but then the RAC provides a map. It's your choice.

You can, of course, always generate your own maps. Multimap lets you pick any town or village, by name, postcode or grid reference, then gives you back a choice of maps ranging in scale from the ridiculously detailed right back to a view that takes in most of the western world.

Or you can get an idea of what the area really looks lets you pick your map, and see an aerial photograph of the area - which certainly gives some idea of the amount of greenery about, if nothing else.

Of course, everyone does weather these days. But it pays to go to the source - in this case the Met Office, where you can get forecasts, satellite maps and even shipping forecasts.

And if it's going to rain, what more could you want than the services of the Good Pub Guide?

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