What have they done with the Department of Health website?

For a start it's gone all blue, green and aquamarine in place of the dark red we had all become used to over the years. And, in line with all that guidance to the NHS a few weeks ago, it has substantially reduced the size and download time of most pages.

There are a few baffling aspects still. Go to publications and select press releases and you will find everything from 1995-98 (a welcome return for an archive I had feared permanently lost).But you won't get anything more recent unless you go to the newsdesk, which offers the past three years. Not quite sure I follow that one.

That aside, the site may not offer anything new as yet (though it does promise us journalists a range of media tools - whatever they might be - in the months to come). But it certainly makes navigation easier. Even the previously infuriating circulars and publications sections now download in double-quick time.

Using the DoH's own NHS Executive links selection, I even managed to track down a site for the Health Development Agency. Remember them? The old Health Education Authority but with the old unfashionable health education and promotion remit replaced with exciting stuff about public health.

There may not be much of real substance here (apart from the corporate stuff ), but clearly work is going on.

Evidence Base 2000 - which promises access to 'the best available information on what works to improve health and reduce health inequalities' looks good - but it is already running a little behind schedule.

Incidentally, a few people seem to have had trouble tracking down Webwatch on the HSJ website. The solution is to go to the home page (or almost any other on the site for that matter), click on the light blue 'links' paperclip at the top of the page and there you will find a large yellow Webwatch button.