Do you ever feel you were robbed of the opportunity to develop UK foreign policy towards Tashkent or to draft white papers on white fish quotas - and all because you got such bad careers advice at school?

You could have been a contender, you could have been a civil service high flyer, and you know it. Well, give it a try. Thanks to the Civil Service Fast-stream Exam Simulator, it is open to anyone to test their verbal organisation and data interpretation abilities. Could you, perhaps, have made the grade as Dobbo's bag carrier?

The simulator - and many other Internet goodies - feature in a new official guide to government websites titled Official UK.

Naturally, it is not available on the Internet - though there is a still virgin Official UK update site for revisions and reviews of new governmental web resources.

Author Dan Jellinek is understandably keen to draw people's attention to some of the better examples of the genre.

So, while you wait for the Stationery Office to process your order (£25 via the website or on 0171-873 9090), have a go at Locata, which lets you track down your MP simply by typing in your postcode. Or why not tour a Virtual Police Station in Northern Ireland or get the tourist's eye view from Visit Britain.

As the publishers point out, a cross-government Internet policy drive is needed to 'push up standards of electronic government and bring the stragglers into line with best practice'.

Too true. I tried to get a review copy of the guide from the Stationery Office, only to be directed on to the Cabinet Office.

'Don't know anything about it,' said the woman in the press office. 'Have you tried the DTI?'

I hadn't; I did; and they knew nothing about it, either.

That's joined up government for you.