Hola! And welcome to Bandolera, 'version en espanol de Bandolier'.

After wowing us these past few years with its 'bullet-points' about what works and what doesn't, the Oxford-based journal of evidence-based medicine now has a Spanish language version.

Last month's highlights include articles on Autoadministracion de contracepcion de emergencia, and Efectos adversos de la acupuntura. Or, if you must stick to the English version, articles on the self administration of emergency contraception, and the harmful effects of acupuncture.

Apparently, in addition to the blood infections you might expect from unsterilised equipment, there have been more than 60 reported cases of pneumothorax, and even a punctured heart. At least one person has died from it.

This month, Bandolier has moved on to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence's ruling on Relenza and a review of the evidence on premature ejaculation. It concludes that it is difficult, on the evidence presented by NICE, to disagree with its conclusions about the anti-flu drug, and that the move to systematic review of drugs at launch is now unstoppable.

All this would have escaped me had it not been for the excellent listings service run by the school of health and related research at Sheffield University (that's ScHARR, pronounced 'shah'), which has links to dozens of useful evidence-based medicine-oriented websites worldwide.

ScHARR has its own Spanish language version of its excellent guide to what's what on the web, called 'netting the evidence' - atrapando la evidencia - though why Spanish should be so uniquely well served by the English-based effective healthcare industry remains a mystery.

It provides other useful services, including an online tutorial on the widely used SPSS statistical analysis package. This is offered jointly with the University of Oporto, which obviously fails a crucial test by being in Por tugal.

These and other sites of interest can be reached via HSJ 's website at www.hsj.co.uk