What with Dobbo riding paramedic motorcycles, and eye-aching yoof- culture videos, the NHS looks set to celebrate its half-century in some technological style. So what better way to show you're bang up to date than to have a web site - complete with 50th birthday cake?

NHS 50, launched today, must be the health service's first collective foray into the medium. Individual health authorities and trusts have their web sites, so too have the DoH, the Health Education Authority, and all sorts of others; but the NHS Executive and sponsors BT are determined that this one is for us all.

The site has three themes - reflecting on the NHS story (tailored to the needs of the national curriculum, not an exercise in nostalgia), the NHS today (with information about how the NHS works), and the NHS tomorrow (intended to be both informative and lighthearted).

Visitors will be pleased to find there is something to do once you get there: former Journal IT correspondent Michael Cross's book Healthsmart 2010 is being serialised - and readers will be asked to give their verdict on whether some of the ideas are fact or fiction. Then they'll be told the right answer.

There are also opportunities for trusts and others to submit pictures from their own history, or snaps of their celebrations in this golden anniversary year, with the combined collection building into a giant electronic 'Year in the life...' scrapbook. There is, of course, also lots of info about forthcoming events.

The plan is to keep the site running until the end of 1998, with an evolving content. But there is talk at Quarry House that some of the ideas might be popular enough to warrant keeping it going beyond that. Just one question: what technology will we be using to celebrate the centenary?