Cor stroof, Mary Poppins. Even Tony Blair speaks Esturine these days, albeit about as convincingly as a latter-day Dick Van Dyke.

And with plans to give the capital its own mayor, and even its own NHS region, the city has once again become a cool place to be. So let's enter LondonHealth.

In its pre-launch publicity, the site made much of the absence of a single, comprehensive Internet health resource for London, even though the city has the greatest concentration of Internet users and PC owners in the country - hardly a surprise since Orkney, say, is not exactly densely populated.

But even so, the people behind the site are intent on providing a 'definitive, one-stop Internet health site...' (stop me if you've heard all this before) for people living and working in London, overseas residents (a baffling one that), tourists and intending visitors.

If it ever happens.

A week after LondonHealth had promised to go live, it still had its preview site up, and a promise that it was sorting out a few last-minute technical hitches.

So far, of course, there is no NHS London region site on the Internet either - NHS London region is not going live until next April - but the beginnings of a pan-Thames web presence are there, thanks to the NHS Executive Library Information Centre, or LInC, serving the two Thames regions.

There is also London Medicine. A non-profit-making organisation with an impressive line-up of medics, medical business types and academics on its council, London Medicine's aim is to encourage links and partnerships between the capital and the rest of the world by raising awareness of the city's medical expertise.

Though probably of little use to Londoners generally, it does have a helpful list of London medical schools and their web site addresses.