Do you sometimes sit in meetings wondering what your colleagues are droning on about? Do you ever wonder what on earth you're talking about? 'The SAFF, JIPs and PCIPs are interdependent elements in the planning process and are an integral part of producing the HImP.' In all honesty, does that phrase, drawn verbatim from a recent Department of Health circular, make any sense at all?

Given that not a single one of those abbreviations was in use more than two years ago, it is little wonder if you are struggling. But where do you turn for help?

Happily, a handy new tool on the H S J website may be of some help. The Acronym Buster, added today as one of a handful of new services, contains nearly 500 entries culled from official documents, unofficial sources and sometimes bitter personal experience. Have a look and let us know what we've missed out.

In the same 'toolbox' section, linking from the home page, you will also find a 'week ahead' news diary offering an early warning system for headlines yet to come, and a report finder, enabling you to track down and, where possible, get immediate full-text access to reports cited in HSJ's news and news focus reports.

There is also a collection of material titled 'meetings expert', which gives a comprehensive guide to chairing and administering meetings - illustrated and supported by classic H S J reports of, for example, the National Blood Authority's first ever public session, and West Midlands regional health authority's return from chaos.

Finally, we would like to know what you think of some of the key issues of the day. From this week, we are introducing a 'question of the week' on the home page, asking you to vote - or just to check out how your colleagues are voting - on an issue drawn from HSJ 's news coverage.

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