Published: 06/05/2004, Volume II4, No. 5904 Page 21

In response to Philip Milner's concerns over the abbreviation of our full legal name, the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection, to the Healthcare Commission (Feedback, pages 20-21, 15 April), I agree that names are important.

It is difficult to find a name that adequately conveys the full range of our functions, which includes inspecting the NHS and independent healthcare, publishing annual ratings, national clinical audit, patient and staff surveys, unresolved NHS complaints, value for money, and much more.

When we launched in April, our aim was to make our name easier to recall and to reduce the number of confusing acronyms in the health sector.We hope by doing this, members of the public in particular are better able to identify and recognise our work.

Stacey Adams Head of communications Healthcare Commission