I sympathise with Marianne Rigge (Consuming passions, 15 June); being politically correct in referring to people with health conditions is not easy.

I find Rosalie Maggio's book, Talking about People: a guide to fair and accurate language, very helpful. It takes an evidence-based approach to a controversial subject and includes an 8,000-word dictionary of problematic words and phrases.

Maggio recommends that we avoid the words 'victim' and 'sufferer' due to their negative and sensationalist connotations. 'Patient' should be used only if the person is under the care of a healthcare provider. 'People with. . .' or 'people who have. . .' is the most acceptable solution.

Whatever you think of political correctness, it makes good business sense to talk about readers in ways they find acceptable - and so get your message across effectively.

Sarah Carr Warrington