I read with interest your features on the relationship, or lack of one, between managers and nurses in the NHS (pages 24-29, 18 January).

I trained originally as a nurse, and some time after qualifying went back to university and gained other professional qualifications. I now work in human resources in an acute trust.

Before Christmas I had the misfortune to suffer a miscarriage, and was admitted to my local acute hospital for a minor operation - not the organisation in which I am employed.

As I was coming around from the anaesthetic, a nurse, who had obviously read my notes and was aware of my occupation, approached me. I was lectured on the failures of management to understand or appreciate nurses, and what actions I should be taking, until a porter rescued me and took me back to my ward.

If our situations had been reversed, and I was required to meet her in a professional capacity, I doubt that voicing a similar opinion with regard to nurses would be considered acceptable. Would I be wrong?

EM Cooke (Mrs) Norwich