Pocket profile:

Accountant who became the Institute of Health Services Management's deputy director in 1995 and, arguably, gave the moustache a good name.

Sense of timing?

Joined when the IHSM was losing members, in the dock over NHS bureaucracy and on the fringes of superlobby talks with NAHAT. Also, unknowingly, on the fringes of financial crisis.

What is he famous for?

Credited with rescuing its stricken finances from near bankruptcy and articulating managers' cause with aplomb.

What happened?

Discovered within four weeks of joining that the IHSM was heading for a£500,000 deficit, not a predicted£25,000 surplus.

What he said in 1996:

'We are still working on the figures, so I can't say yet what the accounts will show. I hope this time next year we won't have to say that because we will have better systems in place.'

Did he succeed?

Published accounts for 1996 showed surplus of over£150,000.

So why wasn't he made director?

The IHSM wanted a 'big name'; they got Karen Caines.

Where is he now?

Finance director with the National Schizophrenia Fellowship.

What he says now:

'The great paradox of the IHSM is that for an organisation with the word 'management' in its corporate title, it has had great difficulty in managing itself effectively for many years. As to the future, it probably hasn't got one unless it decides what it is for and re-asserts its relevance to the membership.'

And the moustache?

A throwback to an image change at university. 'I shaved it off once. What was underneath wasn't a pretty sight, so I let it grow again.'