Pocket Profile: Personal friend of deposed Tory Scottish secretary Michael Forsyth and former chair of Forth Valley health board, who resigned amid a bitter row over an acute services review.

A row, surely not?

In a battle between two competing DGHs - Falkirk and Stirling royal infirmaries - she was perceived to favour the latter (her husband happened to be a consultant surgeon there).

What the public said then: More than 2,000 Falkirk Herald readers signed a petition demanding her dismissal.

What they say now : Words to the effect of 'Iris who?'

What she said: Announcing her resignation she conceded that her husband's job at Stirling might be seen as a potential conflict of interest.

Was she right to go?

It was a popular decision. Even Tories breathed a sigh of relief.

How did it all end?

It hasn't. Two years on acute services are still under review. But a preferred opt ion is to keep both un its open under one merged trust.

Where is she now?

Still in Stirling.

What she says now: 'Surely you didn't expect me to ring you back long-distance?'

And her views on the current review?

'I don't have a public face anymore. Why would anybody care what I have to say?'