No 81

John Shaw

Pocket profile:

Mild-mannered former Department of Health civil servant, who helped create and carry out the reforms of Tory ministers, but managed to come out smelling of roses.

How did he do it?

He retired as director of corporate affairs for the NHS Executive in 1996 after 23 years in top DoH posts, where he tended to be in charge of the more 'touchy-feely' policies.

Where is he now?

Batting for the other team. Since retiring he has taken over as vice- chair of the Patients Association and is a lay member of the General Medical Council.

How did he achieve such a conversion?

'It is a bit gamekeeper turned poacher, but when I was director of corporate affairs I was responsible for things like the Patient's Charter and consumerism. It was a natural progression.'

So on the outside shooting in, then?

Not exactly. Dobbo recently made him chair of the United Kingdom Transplant Support Service Authority.

Doesn't that clash with the Patients Association role?

'I don't think so. Without cosying up to the NHS, we want to work with people, rather than the old-fashioned consumerist style of working against everything.'

Any last requests?

'Are you doing this for Monitor? I hope you're not going to take the piss.'