No 86

Pocket profile

Garrulous swimming pool tycoon and first-wave trust chair at St James' University Hospital trust. Founding chair of the late NHS Trust Federation, and chair of Northern and Yorkshire regional health authority 1994-97. One of the first victims of Labour's shake-up of NHS boards last year.

What is he famous for?

A prominent NHS reforms enthusiast. Targeted by Labour as a 'fat cat' when the RHA bought him a Range Rover - which was sold after the deal was criticised by the district auditor. He then took a Land Rover Discovery under the NHS lease scheme, but this had to be returned as a 'politically unacceptable perk'.

Where is he now?

At home in Yorkshire, having just sold his business for 'a seven-figure sum'.

Any regrets?

He would have 'probably kept my mouth shut' when it came to articulating the choices facing a cash-limited NHS. He regrets that he was prevented from merging Jimmy's and the Leeds General Infirmary trusts.

Time for an NHS comeback?

'I'm an entrepreneur. Although this government professes to like business, it does not like entrepreneurs.'


To start another business - his fifth - and build up another fortune. 'I'm looking around for investment opportunities.'