Newly-qualified nurses will get a 12 per cent increase, taking starting salaries from£12,855 to£14,400.

Grade D nurses will get an 8.2 per cent increase, worth£1,100 to£1,200 a year.

Other nurses will get 4.7 per cent on their basic pay.

London allowances will increase by 15.4 per cent. A newly qualified nurse in an inner London hospital will be paid£17,325.

Professions allied to medicine

Newly qualified PAMs will get an 8.6 per cent increase, giving a starting salary of£15,405.

Changes to increments will give all basic-grade PAMs a minimum rise of 8.4 per cent.

With the 15.4 per cent increase in London allowances, a newly qualified PAM working in inner London will receive a basic salary of£18,360.

Doctors and dentists

Hospital doctors and dentists will get 3.5 per cent, taking a house officer's basic salary to£26,405.

Hospital consultants on the maximum scale get an extra£500 a year on top of the basic award, taking them to£61,605 a year.

GPs' pay will rise by 3.5 per cent. They will also receive£60m extra income recommended by their pay review body last year, taking average net income to£52,600.

Dentists will get 3.5 per cent. Those with a 'reasonable commitment to the NHS' will earn more than£50,000 after expenses.