Health Foundation clinician scientist fellow Anna Gilmore has received a World Health Organisation award in recognition of her research into tobacco control and tobacco industry strategies in Europe.

Dr Gilmore, who works jointly at Bath University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, has published extensive research on a number of topics, including smoking trends and tobacco industry activity in Russia and Eastern Europe. This work has been supported by her fellowship.

Dr Gilmore's research has provided the first accurate data about the increased prevalence of smoking in Russia and other Eastern European countries. She found that the number of Russian women who smoke has more than doubled since the collapse of the Soviet Union. She links this to the privatisation of the previously state-owned tobacco companies and the behaviour of the transnational tobacco companies.

Her work has also highlighted the tobacco industry's extensive influence over research in Germany and stimulated new policies that will reduce the industry's ability to fund research there.

"It's a great honour for my research and its contribution to policy to be recognised in this way," Dr Gilmore said. "I am very grateful to WHO for this award, and to all the wonderful researchers I have worked alongside, whose work is also recognised in this award."