Directory of Primary Care 2000-20001 Informa Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in association with National Association of Primary Care 1,000 pages £125

With primary care now firmly in the driving seat of moving the NHS forward, its organisations are increasingly important bodies, and their chairs, chief executives and boards ever more important players in the NHS.

This comprehensive guide to primary care organisations across the UK provides details of all primary care groups and primary care trusts in England, local healthcare co-operatives in Scotland and local health groups in Wales. It includes details on over 10,000 surgeries and around 30,000 GPs and auxiliary staff.

Details of primary care organisations in Northern Ireland are not included, because these do not exist yet and the Assembly has just voted to retain GP fundholding for another year.As a mark of how important developing the new primary care structures is, however, there is agreement across the board that fundholding has to end and new structures be developed. It is just a question of timing.

The listing for each organisation includes the chair and board members, senior advisers, list size and clinical priorities.

In addition to the health authority or board where the primary care organisation is based, details of all surgeries covered by the organisation are included, with senior partners and practice managers.

Such a comprehensive guide is a unique resource, although with the continuing evolution of PCGs into PCTs as well as mergers and staff turnover, details will inevitably change over time .

This April will see the startup of a new wave of PCTs, in many cases formed by the merger of existing PCGs.

One of the other main developments in primary care is the introduction of personal medical services pilots, involving one in five GPs from April.

This may merit inclusion in future.