The whistleblowing nurse who exposed poor care at the Winterbourne View Hospital has been given a job by the Care Quality Commission.

Terry Bryan, a nurse of more than 30 years, will work for the regulator as a compliance inspector in the south region.

He worked at Winterbourne View as a charge nurse but blew the whistle in October 2010 to Castlebeck, the owner of the hospital, and the regulator after witnessing the treatment of patients by staff. However, his warnings were ignored.

The abuse was captured in by a BBC Panaroma investigation in May 2011 after Mr Bryan tipped off the broadcaster. This resulted in prosecutions.

Last month, six care workers were jailed and five others given suspended sentences after admitting a total of 38 charges of neglect or abuse.

As a result of his whistleblowing Mr Bryan worked with the CQC on inspections of learning disability institutes following the scandal.

He is currently on a fixed term contract as a “bank inspector” for the CQC until March 2013 but will then start in his permanent role.

Mr Bryan said: “I have a particular perspective because of Winterbourne View and I have been a nurse for over 30 years; I know what a good service looks like.

“I applied for this post with my eyes wide open and I want to make a difference and let’s face it they [CQC] want to do a good job and we want them to do a good job.”

He added: “When it all got started people were blaming the CQC but I knew it was more than that.

“All the way along I have never blamed the CQC.”

The CQC said it would not comment on individual members of staff.