comment: HSJ Awards winners feel the benefits for months - even years - to come

Published: 29/07/2004, Volume II4, No. 5916 Page 15

Next Wednesday marks the deadline for entries for this year's HSJ Awards. The 2003 awards were the biggest yet, with more categories, entries - and people attending the ceremony - than ever before.

We fully expect the 2004 awards to be an even better celebration of the hard work and inspiration to be found around the NHS.

Most people think of winning awards in terms of a very satisfying reward for a job well done - with a small measure of personal glory. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But the interviews we have been publishing over the past few months with winners and shortlisted entrants of the 2003 awards demonstrate that the benefits go far beyond that. Doing well in the HSJ Awards raises a project's profile locally, unlocks funding, attracts national interest and provides the kind of momentum needed by even the most successful teams in order to surmount the next barrier.

If you haven't looked already, all the entry details can be found at www. awards. hsj. co. uk. It does not take long to put together an entry and you could be reaping the benefits for many months - even years - to come.