A business critical briefing from HSJ’s Achieving Equality in NHS Service Delivery conference

Key themes

  • How the new equality legislation will impact the NHS and how to prepare for it
  • How to collaboratively work with partner organisations to improve health outcomes in communities with inequality
  • How to engage your workforce in order to drive the equality agenda

Action points

  • Build a powerful business case for the benefits of equality legislation to avoid it becoming a tick-box exercise.
  • Take personal accountability for ensuring success in your own organisation.
  • Engage with other partners to share best practice and create momentum within your local community.

Key questions and answers

Q Are we sharing and celebrating examples of equality best practice?

  • No. Those who actually access services are, on the whole, quite satisfied but we’re not pro-actively using it well.

Q What are Monitor going to do to compel boards to address equality?

  • They should demonstrate that the new act is here to help you and they can support you by showing how to use it, not use it as a stick to hit you with. It’s about demonstrating that you’re having a go as inaction will be challenged.

Q There is a lot of discussion about partnership working but is it true that most organisations are still working in silos?

  • There are some measures that can engineer a joined-up approach and the CQC makes sense as inspection should travel with the patient. If you can measure, you can manage.

Rob McCargow is a partner, Green Park Interim & Executive Resourcing.

Achieving Equality in NHS Service Delivery