Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has addressed the Labour conference. See here for details, reaction and a round up of the rest of the health news.

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4.47pm Lisa Rodrigues, chief executive of the Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust, has told HSJ she plans to retire next year.

2.36pm Speculation about Andy Burnham being reshuffled out of the health secretary post continues at the Labour conference.

Politics home lobby journalist Alex Stevenson tweets: “Exquisite agony for Miliband in conference hall as Labour veteran demands that Ed commits to keeping Burnham in his job #lab13

3.29pm The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has told a Greater Manchester GP, Dr Michael Florin he must make urgent improvements to ensure he meets national standards.

The regulator said his surgery was failing to meet 13 national standards of quality and safety.  

CQC has warned Dr Florin that he will face further enforcement action if urgent improvements are not made in a number of areas.

Areas included:  improving policies, procedures and staff training in a number of areas; improving the cleanliness of the practice and strengthening infection control systems; management and storage of medicines; staff recruitment and records management

3.22pm The National Patient Safety Agency has published its six-monthly data on patient safety incidents.

The data shows:

  • In the six months from October 2012 to March 2013, 683,883 incidents were reported to the system – 6.4 per cent more than in the same period in the previous year.
  • Of those reported, 68 per cent were reported as causing no harm. 25.1 per cent were reported as causing low harm, meaning the patient required only increased observation or minor treatment as a result of the incident.6.1 per cent were recorded as causing medium harm, meaning that the patient suffered significant but not permanent harm, requiring increased treatment
  • The top four most commonly reported types of incident have remained the same: patient accidents (23.5%), implementation of care and ongoing monitoring/review incidents (11.8%), treatment/procedure incidents (10.4%), and medication incidents (10.3%).

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2.19pm NHS Clinical Commissioners has responded to Labour shadow minister Andy Burnham’s conference Speech

Chair Charles Alessi said: “As GPs we see patients as people and not conditions and as commissioners we see communities with all their differences and needs. As clinical commissioners we are determined to develop and commission the very best innovative services our communities need to ensure the very best outcomes possible.

“Clinical commissioning is already making a difference for patients and communities. With flat-line funding and mounting pressure on providers the NHS faces serious challenges over the coming years. What those developing and planning the delivery of NHS services need is certainly and a period of time free from externally imposed disruption and centrally-driven reorganisation.

1.51pm Something Andy Burnham did not mention in his speech were plans he outlined in January to hand £60bn NHS cash handover to councils. Was this a case it being the wrong time to get into the mechanics of his integration plans or is there something more to it than this?

1.40pm Andy Burnham has reaffirmed his opposition to the Health & Social Care Act 2012 and accused the coalition government of placing the NHS “on a fast-track to fragmentation and privatization”.

The shadow health secretary said the health act would be repealed “in the first Queen’s Speech” if Labour win the next election.

He also reaffirmed plans to integrate health and social care.

He said: “Just imagine. One service looking after the whole person - physical, mental and social. The NHS of the 21st century. A national health and care service, based on people before profits.”

1.27pm The Labour party has published Andy Burnham’s speech on its website.

1.20pm Burnham: Labour is committed to safe staffing levels based on expert advice - HSJ reporter Sarah Calkin tweets from Labour conference.

1.13pm Andy Burnham greeted by a standing ovation as he takes to the stage at the Labour party conference. He starts off by saying that former Labour minister of health Aneurin Bevan made history in 1948. The Labour party can today but a new century demands new thinking.
The government has spent all year running the NHS down in a bid to soften it up for privatisation, he adds.

1.12pm The HSJ Efficiency Awards 2013 are being held tonight at the evening the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

The awards recognise innovative measures which reduce costs while maintaining the highest standards of patient care. There are 152 organisations on the shortlist across 21 categories.

The winners will be published tonight exclusively on the HSJ tablet app

And mention that the winners will be published in full tonight – but only on the tablet app

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Mr Stevenson is author of Public Sector – managing the unmanageable

12:54pm Confusion at the Labour party conference health debate. Delegates have been making reference to Jeremy Hunt being the first cousin to Virginia Bottomley. It turns out he might not be.Debate chair Keith Vaz has asked delegates to refrain from mentioning Mr Hunt’s relationship to MS Bottomley “cos we don’t really know [what it is]” via HSJ reporter Sarah Calkin.

12.44pm Follow HSJ reporter Sarah Calkin tweeting from the Labour conference

12.43pm HSJ reporter Sarah Calkin tweets from Labour conference: “Care worker Emma Clifford takes to the stage in a nurses uniform to plea for more time to care #lab13 #hsjlab13

12:33pm HSJ reporter Sarah Calkin tweets from Labour conference: “Debate on health begins with delegate from Lewisham asking #lab13 to support the creation of an integrated health & social system #hsjlab13

12.27pm NHS England has launched a package of “revolutionary measures designed to ensure the voices of patients, their carers and the public are at the centre of healthcare services”, the body has announced.

Transforming Participation in Health and Care is online guidance to commissioners that aims to put people in control of their own health and care.

NHS England says it aims to improve:

  • Individual participation - for example, ensuring every person with a long-term condition or disability has a digital personalised care plan supporting them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own health.
  • Public participation in decision making - for example, establishing a national Citizens Assembly that will give patients and the public a voice at the heart of decision making and hold the board of NHS England to account. It will give people a say on how services are developed locally and nationally, to ensure their communities have the services they need.
  • Patient insight and feedback - for example, gathering information from patients that give the NHS genuine insight into the outcomes that matter most to them across a range of specialised conditions, helping to shape services of the future

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Mr Stevenson is author of Public Sector – managing the unmanageable

11:10am HSJ EXCLUSIVE: NHS England’s chief executive has said the government may need to change the law because competition rules are standing in the way of improvements to NHS services.

10:52am Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has said he opposes “GP control or domination of commissioning” because it is not “accountable” and compromises “the public interest”.

10:41am NHS staff will back further reorganisation of the NHS by a Labour government because their “hearts and minds” are behind the party’s plans for integration of the health and social care systems, shadow health secretary Andy Burnham has said ahead of his speach to conference today.

10:35am The average income before tax of contractor GPs was £103,000 in 2011-12, a drop of 1.1 per cent on 2010-11, according to figures published today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

10:31am The Telegraph is reporting that NHS trusts have called for a pay freeze for all staff this year, claiming it would save the jobs of more than 15,000 nurses.

Last year, employees were given a 1% rise, after most had basic pay frozen for two years. 

According to the story, the NHS bosses warned that repeating the increase would jeopardise patient care, and risk thousands of jobs. In a submission to pay review bodies, senior managers said that a rise in 2014-15 would be both “unaffordable and unnecessary”.

10:25am Doctors spend more than twice as much time on paperwork as they do on home visits, a survey suggests

10:24am A “cover-up” into failings surrounding the death of a baby girl who was treated at a scandal-hit University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust was “unforgiveable”, say the child’s parents.

8:20am: Twenty-Thirty, a report by the Policy Innovation Research Unit designed to inform the Department of Health and NHS England, explores what the NHS will look like in next 20 years.

Today on HSJ’s innovation and efficiency channel, James Barlow and Chris Evennett argue that the NHS will change dramatically by 2030 but its future depends on whether it adopts radical innovation, and the extent to which people take responsibility for their own health.