Whittington Health Trust: eCommunity

Growing demand on district nursing services run by Whittington Health Trust had led to demand exceeding capacity, multiple moved appointment times for patients and long distances between allocated visits. The eCommunity project aimed to maximise efficiency through using software to allocate patients and appointments to nurses – for example, moving some work which was not time-dependent to quieter days.

Unallocated district nurses’ time fell from 500 to 50 hours within one month. There was also a reduction in missed visits, and improvement in skill mix and locality allocation, to ensure that the nurse visiting the patient has the necessary skills to attend to their care.

It has freed up time for more senior staff to assist in care for more complex patients. There have been financial benefits, including an annual saving of £310,000 from improved productivity. The system used is currently being demonstrated to other community providers who are looking to implement this model.

Read a detailed case study about this project at HSJ Solutions  


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