Chair, Royal College of GPs. NEW ENTRY

Dr Clare Gerada is the new chair of council at the Royal College of GPs. Her influence could be massive as the Department of Health executes plans to hand over commissioning to GP consortia. Dr Gerada has made no secret of her worries about some proposals, in particular the danger of increased privatisation. How she will proceed is difficult to predict, as she is a woman of contrasts. She is a partner at the large Hurley group clinic in south London, which successfully bid to run one of the capital’s first GP led health centres and employs many salaried medics. However, Dr Gerada has warned that the GP’s role in the community and as a patient advocate could be “irrevocably lost” if there are not enough GP partnership opportunities. She may also prove an unlikely ally to NHS consultants, recognising the need for their involvement in commissioning some specialist services.