Editor, Daily Mail. NEW ENTRY

Of all the mass market papers with the power to shift middle England votes, the Daily Mail is the most interested in health.

Now that “his” party holds most of the reins of power, Paul Dacre’s influence on government policy should, in theory, be even greater than in previous years. But it’s probably not as simple as that.

The Mail supports the Conservatives, but Mr Dacre’s backing for David Cameron’s leadership has not always been unequivocal. What’s more, in the run-up to the election, the Daily Mail went for Nick Clegg in old fashioned Fleet Street attack dog fashion. If the coalition government begins to unpick at the seams, it will be interesting to see how the newspaper deals with the Liberal Democrats.

Health policy may now be largely in Tory hands, but relatively generous NHS funding could well draw the Mail’s ire once the government’s cuts package hits home elsewhere.

No friend of NHS managers, Mr Dacre’s Mail has also been highly critical of “overpaid” GPs. It claimed the government’s decision to strip the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence of its ability to oppose drugs for NHS use as a “Daily Mail victory”.