Chair, Independent Public Service Pensions Commission. NEW ENTRY

Even the youngest healthcare worker now thinks about their pension. John Hutton has a crucial role in determining what pension reform will be considered and if this will seen to be fair. The extraordinary events of the past six months have created a niche for him. Lord Hutton’s experience of public sector management and willingness to straddle the partisan divide puts him in an influential position. Once it was pay that pushed unions towards industrial action, it is now pensions and job insecurity.  

John’s final report will mark out how significant reform can be and whether the government can carry the day in making it happen. Reduced NHS state pensions will hit recruitment and morale but, perversely, satisfy families without a public sector worker. While the government has the votes in the Commons, the Lords cannot be banked on. Lord Hutton will have an influential role on fellow peers.

David Amos, chair, Managers in Partnership