Minister of state for care services. NEW ENTRY

The Liberal Democrats’ sole representative in the Department of Health ministerial team, this well turned out son of a Savile Row tailor brings a genuine interest in healthcare and the social care that forms the bulk of his brief. A decade ago he spoke for his party on social services and older people, he shadowed the health secretary for two years, and he sat on the health select committee during the last Parliament.

The Lib Dems’ 2010 manifesto promise of an independent commission to examine reform of long term social care has successfully been introduced to policy, and official talk of breaking down barriers between health and social care will also please Mr Burstow. The commission on the funding of care and support will report within a year as the cuts begin to bite - who knows how coalition tensions will be playing out by then? As the only Lib Dem, that could be when Mr Burstow really has to fight his corner.