The front cover told me that it's sponsored by Ernst & Young - strapline "Quality in Everything We Do" - and Harvey Nash - strapline "The Power of Talent". Which of course got me into a meandering reverie on great straplines that never happened.

Showing my age, North London and South London RHAs should have gone for "Here Today and Gone Tomorrow", whereas those extraordinarily short-lived Regional Health and Social Care offices that blinked in the 90s (or was it 80s) would have been happy to make do with "Here Today". And in another blast from a misty past, "They Rose Without a Trace" would suit those erudite folk who played the Milburn-inspired franchising game at the turn of the century. In fact, where are they now?

Our current SHA chums could go for a generic strapline - let's say "Where Performance Matters and You Don't" - and then bespoke it up to add a bit of local flavour. You know the sort of thing - "It's Different Down Here" for NHS London and "United Against London" for the rest of them. In quango land, "More Pious that the Pope" would fit the bill for the Healthcare Commission, whilst "Putting the Pomp in Pompous" would gives Bungo Moyes and his Monitor crew the alliterative triplet I'm sure they think they deserve.

And I'm sure that someone deserves "Putting the Rump in Rumpus", but I just can't think who. Can you help?

And as for Innate Prejudice, "She Came, She Saw, She Left".

PS Flory 17 places above Naylor! Surely 18 places (or should I say weeks) below.

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