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Born in a basement and brought up in a lift, Innate Prejudice is a CEO with a track record of failing to make sense of it all.

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    It’s Mark I’m talking about. Our Mark. Our Mark who has crossed to the dark side and is with us no more.

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    coaching scmoching


    Let’s regulate coaching. Let’s make them pass exams and get certificates or ban them from practising. What the hell, let’s go the whole hog and give them a Royal College.

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    metamorphos-ising the metaphors


    It’s about time we moved on from the patriarchal sporting metaphors of the playing fields of Eton and got a bit more now, a bit more edgy, a bit more credit crunch.

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    Fitter than a butcher's dog


    I’ve been ill again. And what did I turn to? Flat pop, that’s what. And did it work? Too right it did. 24 hours later and I’m fitter than a butcher’s dog.

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    Back in the saddle


    Far be it from me to tell Babs and Cynth how to run their new gaff, but if there’s one baby they don’t want to throw out with the HCC/CSCI merger bathwater it’s that CSCI website.

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    Father Christmas visits the NHS


    So what's Santa going to be putting in the stockings of the NHS this year?

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    Weighing in on hospital scales


    Lots to chew on of late. First I read my fellow blogger Inside Out's polemic about the grubby goings on in the world of hospital management.

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    NHS jobs and non-jobs


    Flicking the comics recently, it looks like we're all in for a good kicking, with the first salvos being fired in the anticipated attack on so-called 'non-jobs' in the public sector.

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    In search of an NHS chimera


    As we all know, there are three kinds of people: those who can count and those who can't.

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    The end of the NHS


    So the Labour Party has finally brought an end to the NHS. Universal healthcare free to all at the point of need and delivery is replaced by a universal healthcare floor over which you can buy anything that we're willing to sell you on an item of service basis depending ...

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    HSJ50 got me thinking


    I spent an idle 30 seconds last week perusing the HSJ's '50 people with the greatest influence on NHS management policy and practice in 2008'.

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    The 7 habits of highly ineffective managers


    I've been re-dipping into one my bestest ever pop-management textbooks, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

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    The NHS rhetoric is the reality


    Can you get to see your GP within 48 hours? Seems like the apparatchiks at the DOH and the piety at the HCC beg to differ about question itself, let alone the answer.

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    Using the health service - best and worst


    I've just been ill and used the service. Now that's what I call a roller coaster ride.

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    NHS show will go on!


    So on the basis of an in-depth sample of both of my readers, the Innate Prejudice bandwagon careers onward and upwards towards its rightful place in the pantheon of non-evidence based commentators on the NHS.

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    NHS feeling the pinch


    So how blows the breeze at the top of trees? By the sound of it, pretty well. The Darzi road shows are complete and the mood music is rather upbeat.

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    It's that time of the year. The words 'draft' are being lifted from Annual Audit Letters that summarise so succinctly the state of your financial health.

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    What to say about the NHS?


    It is quite clear that the majority of my undoubtedly tiny readership hates what I write.

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    Your official NHS synonym study guide


    A funny thing (perhaps the only funny thing) happened in one of my recent blogs when the spell-checker changed my description of the DOH communications posse from 'pravdaesque' to 'pradaesque'.

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    The trouble with the Welsh NHS


    You can't beat the Welsh, can you? Twenty-two Local Health Boards giving money via block contracts to about a dozen hospitals.

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