Over the Easter break we are bringing you a selection of key topics from our commissioning channel. Julie Jordan explains what impact the better care fund will have on the NHS, and south Somerset demonstrates what data can achieve as it pieces together care costs across both health and social care

Woman sitting looking up at someone, their hand on her shoulder

Volunteer and patient

Volunteer and patient

Julie Jordan explains the financial reality behind the better care fund.

The Symphony project has built a large dataset from each anonymised individual in the south Somerset population linking acute, primary care, community, mental health and social care data. Read the article and watch the video.

Canada and the UK face similar problems integrating care for people with complex needs, but its programmes may hold the answer for the UK, writes Lara Sonola at the King’s Fund.

The capacity problems facing emergency departments may be down to its public marketing. A&E is ingrained into the national psyche, and Ian Mills explains how we change public behaviour.

The BME population in Britain has traditionally had a younger demographic, but this is changing. Kat Clayton explains the challenge for dementia care and how patients can be better supported.

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