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It’s the most radical reform of the NHS since its inception, with PCTs and SHAs facing the axe and GPs set to hold the purse strings. What’s more, the health white paper must be delivered against the backdrop of the current financial climate and the £20bn productivity challenge set by the QIPP programme.

This online seminar tackles the following:

  • The scale of the task set out by the government.
  • Where does accountability lie?
  • Where is the patient choice agenda heading?
  • What role will information play in the reformed NHS?
  • How will PCTs and SHAs manage the transition that will lead to their demise?
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The white paper puts groups of GPs in charge of £80bn worth of public funds. How will that work? How willing and capable is the GP community to take on these new commissioning responsibilities? Will they look for support to carry out this task? Who will be accountable?

Patients will be able to choose their GP and there will be greater choice in diagnostics and maternity care. The any willing providing policy means that in theory providers will be at liberty to compete with each other as long as they meet NHS standards. How will these freedoms affect the service?

Information is another central theme, with greater transparency of data underpinning the reforms. How will that influence patients and what effect will it have on standards and quality?

Outgoing PCTs and SHAs have been asked to manage the transition to the new structures, but how will they cope with creating the foundations for their successors?

Who should watch?

  • Chief Executives of PCTs, Acute Trusts and SHAs
  • Directors of Commissioning
  • PBC Leads
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Directors of Strategy
  • Directors of Clinical Services


  • Alastair McLellan, Editor of HSJ
  • Katherine Ward, Chief Executive at UnitedHealth UK
  • Professor Steve Field, Chair, Royal College of GPs
  • Robert Creighton, Chief Executive, Ealing PCT
  • Professor Stephen Smith, Chief Executive and Principal of the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust