HSJ, in association with people4business Limited, is offering readers a new way to find or fill interim posts in the healthcare industry.

Our new website makes it easy for organisations to flex staff to meet times of higher and lower demand, and we make it easy for the self-employed to find contracts.

It allows healthcare employers throughout the UK - “buyers” - to select professionals in the healthcare industry - “sellers” - based on their skills, price, availability and location.

For job seekers

It is simple and free to register as a interim candidate (“seller”) on the site.

As a registered seller, you get:

  • access to organisations throughout the UK looking for skills like yours;
  • a free listing of your details on all the sites operated under the people4 umbrella (currently 23 of them);
  • the ability to apply for jobs on our interim jobs board;
  • guaranteed payment for your contracts through the sites; and
  • the ability to alter your own hourly rate and availability at any time.

Once you get a contract, you simply fill in your online timesheets and we do the rest - we generate your invoices and guarantee your payment.

If you’re thinking of taking on an interim role for the first time, we’ve made it as straightforward as possible, with lots of information specially for new freelancers on the sites.

You are welcome to search the sites to see what other candidates and contractors are charging for skills like yours - why not take a look today?

For employers

The site also makes it straightforward to recruit highly skilled professionals. Our unique online tools make it simple to manage multiple contracts at once.

To find your ideal candidate you can either search through our skills categories to find professionals matching your requirements or simply contact us with details of your job requirements. We’ll post them on our job board to encourage applications from suitable candidates and our customer services team will assist in sourcing people with the skills you require.

You can sort your list of matching candidates by hourly rate, location, availability and the ratings they’ve received for previous contracts to make your final selection for interview.

It is completely free to register as a recruiter (“buyer”) and there are no hidden charges - all hourly rates are published on the site and they already include our 10 per cent management fee. Complete price transparency ensures that rates stay highly competitive - a boon in the current economic climate.

You are welcome to search the site with no obligation - so why not take a look at hsj.people4business.com today?