FINANCE: The foundation trust’s August finance report shows a year-to-date deficit of £588,100 after exceptional items, against a planned surplus for the period of £1.1m.

The report commented: “This represents an adverse variance of £1,689,000 from plan. This is a result of clinical income being slightly behind plan during August and… an element of slippage on efficiency schemes.”

It stated that the trust’s surgery division was £4.9m overspent as a result of slippage on 2012-13 efficiency schemes and medical staffing pressures. Medicine was £3.6m overspent as a result of slippage on efficiency schemes and agency staff pressures in both medical and nursing grades, and specialist services was £2.9m overspent, also as a result of efficiency scheme slippage.

However, corporate directorates were £1.2m underspent as “slippage on vacancies is held”.