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  • Lib Dems call for tightening of foreign GP law

    Lib Dems call for tightening of foreign GP law


    The Liberal Democrats launched new proposals today to tighten rules on employing foreign doctors after the death of a 70 year old man treated by a doctor from Germany.

  • NHS managers to back Labour as job fears focus their minds

    NHS managers to back Labour as job fears focus their minds


    An HSJ survey has revealed that NHS managers look more likely than the population at large to back Labour in next year’s general election, perhaps driven by anxiety about job security under the Conservatives. Rebecca Evans studies the findings

  • Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh

    MP calls for greater PCT accountability


    Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh has called for an end to the “democratic deficit” that sees unelected health chiefs making crucial decisions on healthcare.

  • Norman Lamb

    £1.5m spent on private care for NHS staff in three years


    The NHS spent £1.5m over the last three years paying for its staff to receive private healthcare, the Liberal Democrats have claimed.

  • Norman Lamb

    Scrap strategic health authorities, say Lib Dems


    Halving the size of the Department of Health and scrapping strategic health authorities are among Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb’s proposals for cutting public spending.

  • A third say no party could run NHS

    A third say no party could run NHS


    Almost one in three people think none of the major political parties is capable of running the NHS, a survey has revealed.

  • Vince Cable

    Lib Dems abandon NHS spending plans


    A pledge to provide free personal care for the elderly has been scrapped by the Liberal Democrats.

  • Rebecca Evans

    Norman Lamb and his love of rap


    As populist scare stories go, The Sun has got to be applauded this week for combining two of the nation’s (largely unfounded) fears: drug users and swine flu - not just once but twice.

  • Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb

    Devolve NHS power, urges Norman Lamb


    Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb has called for further devolution and local accountability in the NHS.

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    Whooping cough making a 'dramatic comeback', warn Liberal Democrats


    Diseases such as whooping cough and scarlet fever are making a “dramatic comeback”, the Liberal Democrats have warned.

  • HSJ Cover 2April 2009
    HSJ Knowledge

    Foundation trusts: fans and critics speak out


    Five years after foundation trusts were created, Helen Mooney talks to fans and critics about how they have fared and made use of their increased autonomy

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    Michael White on statistics, choice and stem cells


    Does it matter much if it proves true that one of Alan Johnson's staff facilitated the publication of knife crime data, this despite warnings by NHS statisticians that they were 'potentially inaccurate'? Senior Tories, including Andrew Lansley, think so.

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    Liberal Democrats criticise government over liver transplants


    The Liberal Democrats have accused the government of 'sitting on their hands' instead of doing something to stem the increase in alcohol related liver disease.

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    Media Watch: DH salaries


    Since everything is about money at the moment, it is perhaps no surprise that enterprising politicians have been totting up what the NHS and government spend on everything from celebrities to Department of Health officials.

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    Midwives' workloads increasing under Labour, claim Lib Dems


    The number of midwives in England is failing to keep up with the rising birth rate, the Liberal Democrats have claimed.

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    Patient deaths due to errors up 60 per cent - Liberal Democrats


    The number of patients who have died in hospital as a result of incidents including medical errors and healthcare acquired infections has risen by 60 per cent since 2005, according to figures publicised by the Liberal Democrats.

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    Michael White on NHS politics


    In these times of global recession and rising unemployment we should seek cheerful news. I offer these crumbs of comfort from the thinly attended fag end of the Queen's Speech debate, where health and education were bundled up as one.

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    Media Watch: public sector salaries


    Another day, another sackload of filthy dollars for the bloated plutocrats who make up the public sector workforce, according to The Daily Telegraph .

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    Media Watch: food terror


    We're all doomed. From the day our mothers sipped their third cup of coffee while pregnant ( Daily Mail ) to the time we ignored the best before date on that pate at the back of the fridge ( The Observer ) to the decision to ditch the bran flakes ...

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    Michael White on IT in the NHS


    You were probably far too busy to notice Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg urging Gordon Brown the other day to 'distinguish between good public spending and bad public spending… By not wasting 13bn on an NHS computer system that doesn't work'.