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    Lib Dems scrap free social care promise


    The Liberal Democrats have formally ditched their policy of free social care in England. The party has opted instead for a co-payment system based on the one set out by Sir Derek Wanless for the King's Fund.

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    Specialised commissioning: who will stand up for rare conditions?


    As PCTs respond to popular local demand, the government must ensure illnesses that affect relatively few people are cared for too

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    Lib Dems plan PCT tax-raising power


    The Liberal Democrats would turn primary care trusts into elected bodies that would eventually enjoy tax-raising powers, the party decided at its spring conference in Liverpool.

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    Young women not attending smear tests, Lib Dems claim


    Figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats show that four in 10 women in England under the age of 35 are not attending routine smear tests.

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    Lib Dems set out plans for future NHS


    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has outlined plans for a 2bn 'care guarantee' plan for elderly people, a new patient contract and directly elected health boards as part of his proposed NHS reforms.

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    NHS in crisis, says Lib Dem leader


    The NHS is one of the most unequal health services in the world, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said.

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    Lib Dem leader outlines plans for the health service


    The new leader of the Liberal Democrats has outlined his party's proposals for all patients to be given a set of 'entitlements' to treatment, based on their condition.

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    Clegg throws down mental health gauntlet


    Mental health is not an issue that politicians generally choose to make a splash on. But newly elected Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg had more to say about mental health in his inaugural speech on public policy than he did about the rest of the NHS.

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    Lib Dem leader calls for 'bonfire' of NHS targets


    Newly elected Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg outlined his vision for the NHS in a recent blog entry. He said he would devolve control of the NHS to locally elected representatives and have a 'bonfire of central targets'.

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    Leadership can help reduce infection rates


    Health Foundation assistant director for leadership Jan Walmsley has backed comments by junior health minister Lord Darzi on the importance of leadership in making hospitals safer for patients.

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    Personalised healthcare: put the customer in control


    Evidence demonstrates that customising services is effective - patient outcomes are improved and the provider gets better value for money. Angela Coulter and Don Redding argue for a personal health service

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    Geriatric medicine: changing staff attitudes


    Too many NHS staff are prone to ageism and reluctant to work with the elderly. In an ageing population, it's time they changed their attitudes, says David Oliver

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    Occupancy rates raise infection risk, say Lib Dems


    Almost half of NHS trusts have bed occupancy rates that put patients at risk of contracting healthcare-acquired infections, according to the Liberal Democrats.

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    Michael White on the conference season


    'The conference experience is to go home feeling that whatever interest brought you, it is worth doing for the rest of the year'

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    Media Watch


    The papers are again keen to expose the 'scandal' of hospital food - this time the focus is on hospital kitchens. The Observer told readers of a 'searing indictment' of their cleanliness after government inspection reports revealed 'that breaches of food hygiene laws include infestations of mice and cockroaches, ...

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    Michael White on panic politics


    'I imagined patients queuing outside their local hospital, just like Northern Rock'

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    Lib Dems: time to scrap PCTs


    Primary care trusts should be scrapped and replaced with elected local health boards, the Liberal Democrats have proposed.

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    Weird world health


    It’s official(ish)…more NHS Networks pollsters have better things to do with their time than indulge in Facebook or MySpace frivolities, with just over 40 per cent eschewing either. The poll also showed that 13 per cent actually have both set ups, but slightly more, 14 per cent, confess to being ...

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    Lib Dems call for IT review


    Liberal Democrat shadow health secretary Norman Lamb has called for a comprehensive review of the NHS IT system, after former NHS IT programme chief executive Richard Granger admitted that some of the work carried out by contractors had been 'appalling', according to IT magazine CIO .

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    Lib Dems launch campaign to save NHS


    The Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to save the NHS by stopping funding cuts, cutting waste and giving people more say in their local services.