'How could they be so stupid?' asked the Daily Mail as it berated the government for failing to ensure junior doctors will be guaranteed jobs this summer in the Department of Health's new recruitment process.

The paper questioned why the new online system had failed, sparking 'open revolt' by doctors thanks to the government's 'centralisation, meddling and interference'.

Figures suggest that at least 9,000 junior doctors now face unemployment while three times that number, the paper says, are 'caught in a computerised system that is turning into a nightmare'.

The Daily Telegraph told readers that the 'discredited job selection system for junior doctors was finally aborted [on Friday] after weeks of protest, confusion and anguish'. The newspaper said that in a 'compromise' the DoH has agreed to offer at least one interview to every junior doctor for their first-choice post.

But, it reported, representatives from the British Medical Association's junior doctors committee walked out of the review group trying to solve the problems.

According to the Telegraph the BMA says that one interview is not enough and unfair to candidates who have already been offered two, three, or four interviews.

The Sunday Telegraph stuck the boot in further by denouncing the 'Blairite computer project'. With doctors protesting nationwide, the NHS is edging closer to a serious revolt by the very staff who prop up acute services. As ever, NHS managers will have to pick up the pieces.