Published: 02/12/2004, Volume II4, No. 5934 Page 10

A hospital in Plymouth was forced to deny a newspaper report last week claiming that it had asked patients to bring in their own pillows.

The Daily Mirror claimed one 89-year-old woman was given two rolled-up blankets to prop herself up by staff at Derriford Hospital who told her she would have to get her own pillow from home if she wanted a good night's sleep.

The Plymouth Hospitals patient and public involvement forum called for an inquiry.

But a spokesperson for Plymouth Hospitals trust told HSJ: 'The trust purchases over 600 pillows a month.

On the majority of wards, patients are given at least two pillows.

'However, if they require additional pillows for medical reasons we supply them.

'Occasionally, a patient may request to only have one pillow as this is more comfortable. Some patients do prefer to bring in their own.'