The chief executive of an acute trust said he has received a death threat after giving permission for media access to one of his trust’s hospitals.

Milton Keynes University Hospital Foundation Trust has given access to an ITV documentary hosted by former Eastenders actor Ross Kemp, which has prompted some concerns from patients and staff. Some patients’ relatives had questioned why media were being granted access at a time when visiting is restricted.

The trust’s chief executive, Joe Harrison, posted on Twitter this evening: “Today I received a death threat as CEO.

“I have never been concerned about giving media access to the hospital I am privileged to lead, because I am proud of my staff and the care we provide. Today I worried. I guess that’s what these threats are designed to do.

“The threat came as a response to media access [and] I have reported to police. I welcome debate and will listen to feedback on any issue. Threats like this aren’t debate. They are meant to frighten and control. I do not tolerate abuse and violence against NHS staff and I will call it out.”

His tweet promptly received a flurry of messages of support from colleagues and peers.

Professor Harrison was unable to speak this evening, but told HSJ the threat was not thought to have come from a member of staff.