Labour’s 10 year NHS plan includes an ambition to deliver further guarantees for mental health patients to receive talking therapy.

The 18 page plan unveiled today says a future Labour government would “set out a strategy and timetable to deliver a waiting time standard of 28 days for access to talking therapies, for both adults and children”.

This goes further than the coalition government’s existing plans, which will come into effect in April and aim to ensure 75 per cent of people referred for talking therapies will start their treatment within six weeks and 95 per cent within 18 weeks.

The Labour plan will also seek to ensure children “have access to school based counselling or therapy if they need it”, it said.

The plan reiterates previous commitments from Labour to prioritise investment in young people’s mental health and says the party will “bring together physical health, mental health and social care into a single system of whole person care”.

Other proposals include ensuring all training for NHS staff includes mental health and a new right to talking therapies in the NHS constitution.

Teacher training will include elements of child mental health and women who have suffered a miscarriage will have the option of counselling if needed.