National officials will create a ‘success regime’ in which struggling areas are directed to move quickly into the new care models proposed in the NHS Five Year Forward View, Simon Stevens revealed earlier this month.

At the inaugural HSJ annual lecture, held in conjunction with advisory firm FTI Consulting, the NHS England chief executive set out the first steps for implementing his vision.

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Ahead of the lecture Mr Stevens promised to set out the health service’s “strategic direction”. He said: “I’m going to set out more detail about how we’re going to think about the choices and the strategic direction that different parts of the country will choose when we are thinking about the different care models that have been identified”

Simon Stevens

Simon Stevens also warned local leaders against attempts to ‘respray’ their plans

The event took place in London before an invited audience of healthcare leaders this evening.

Copies of the lecture will be sent to the prime minister, the leader of the opposition and all those with significant influence over the future direction of the NHS.

HSJ has launched the annual lecture to provide a high profile annual platform for a leading figure in healthcare to set out their long term vision for the UK’s health service.

Video: Watch Simon Stevens give the first HSJ annual lecture