FINANCE: Oxfordshire County Council has agreed a set of changes to a shared older people’s services budget, which will now nearly double in size this year.

The shared budget will increase from £108m to £195m.

Most of the rise comes from Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, the contribution of which is set to increase from £30m to £96m a year. The council is increasing its share by from £78m to £99m.

The partners have also agreed to remove ring fences which previously existed in the pooled budget.

Financial risk will be shared and based on the proportion of contributions from each party. For 2013-14 this is 51 per cent county council and 49 per cent CCG.

The increased contributions from the council relate to: prevention and early intervention, particularly in dementia and stroke services; social work; and day services and transport.

The the CCG’s contribution relates to: a community services contract with Oxford Health, including community hospitals, community nursing, home care, and an emergency medical unit; the mental health services contract with Oxford Health; and end of life care.

The pooled budget is intended to give both sides a direct interest in reducing duplication and taking into account how their actions impact on each other.

The decision was made by the council’s cabinet committee in June.