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    Talk to me: PCTs hone their haggling skills


    World class commissioning demands new skills of primary care trusts – not least managing the market to get the highest quality and best value care for patients. Helen Crump finds out how they are coping

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    NHS is a 'brutal' place for its leaders


    The NHS is a “brutal” and “arbitrary” system in which to be a chief executive, according to leaders interviewed by the NHS Confederation. Its report, Reforming Leadership Development… Again , examines why this area is reformed so often. Health minister Lord Darzi’s leadership proposals in his next stage review are ...

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    Steve Barnett aims to marshal NHS Confederation's network power


    Ten months ago no one expected Steve Barnett to permanently replace Gill Morgan as chief executive of the NHS Confederation.

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    Round table: will the penny drop for clinical managers?


    Patient level costing may be the lure that attracts clinicians into management. Daloni Carlisle listens in on a discussion between some of the most influential policy makers, managers and medical leaders

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    Media Watch: complaints about NHS complaints


    It's not been a great few days for the NHS in the national media this week, with extensive coverage of the Healthcare Commission's overview of how trusts handle patients' complaints .

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    Major patient choice study begins


    The Department of Health is seeking hard evidence that choice improves the quality of services.

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    NHS trusts criticised over poor complaint handling


    Trusts are failing to respond to patient complaints adequately, a Healthcare Commission review has found. Almost half of the 8,949 complaints reviewed in the year up to July 2008 were upheld or sent back to the trust for further work.

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    Trusts must collect patient reported data or face fines


    Hospital trusts must prepare to ask thousands of patients to fill in questionnaires about their health before surgery - and face fines if not enough do so.

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    Mixed ward target worries


    Huge uncertainty exists over whether trusts will be able to comply with health secretary Alan Johnson's new diktat on mixed sex accommodation.

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    NHS offers private providers shelter in rough economic seas


    Until recently private providers could afford to be choosy about what NHS work they took on. Now, as the economy shrinks, the health service will become a vital source of income. Alison Moore reports

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    Middle managers warned not to shun private sector


    Senior NHS managers are no longer opposed to private sector involvement in the health service, but their juniors often are, according to the NHS Confederation.

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    NHS braced for worst of Alistair Darling's £5bn spending cuts


    The NHS must prepare for a substantial cut in planned funding from the year after next. Chancellor Alistair Darling's pre-Budget report set out plans to cut 5bn from government spending plans for 2010-11 - and the NHS is the largest of 12 areas that could be hit.

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    PbR tariff for next year delayed until January


    The final payment by results tariff for 2009-10 will be published in January, around three months late.

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    £400m spending limit forced on NHS


    NHS organisations will be permitted to spend just 400m of their 1.7bn surplus next financial year and will not get the full increase in resources pledged to them by the Treasury.

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    Alan Johnson wants fewer London PCTs


    Alan Johnson has called for a debate about whether there are too many primary care trusts in London. The health secretary told HSJ that he didn't think having 31 PCTs covering London was 'the most sensible arrangement'.

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    Why a health service redesign hit the rocks


    With controversial reconfiguration plans in Sussex appearing shelf-bound, Alison Moore looks at the lessons for other trusts and asks whether changes on that scale are just too unwieldy to succeed

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    Hold-up: Treasury eyes NHS surplus


    The Treasury is in talks with the Department of Health over the NHS's 1.7bn surplus and when the service will be able to spend it.

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    Nigel Edwards on NHS exceptional case panels


    Over the summer no media report on the state of the NHS was complete without mention of the postcode lottery in treatments, either through challenges to primary care trust exceptional case panels or the perceived ethics of the current rules on top-ups.

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    Cambridgeshire trust leads way on franchising model


    Private companies and foundation trusts will be invited to bid to manage a failing hospital trust.

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    NHS failure regime will encourage improvement


    The NHS failure regime may never be put into practice but will give poor trusts an incentive to improve, the NHS Confederation has said.