STRUCTURE: North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus was due to hand over its children’s commissioning responsibilities to North East Lincolnshire Council this month.

The two parties agreed the transfer in 2007 and provision of children’s community services has already moved to the council. A paper to the care trust’s board in April said commissioning of key children’s services was underway and would be complete in May.

It said: “The next phase of the previously agreed programme of activity is currently underway… Work has been progressing throughout 2010-11 to transfer the areas that will in future be commissioned by NELC through the children’s trust arrangements on behalf of the CTP.

“The areas are: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Tiers 2-4; Children’s Complex Care; Children’s Community Health Services; Health Visiting Service (if this doesn’t transfer to strategic health); School Nursing Service; FAST (Family Action Support Team).”

Parts of children’s commissioning which will remain with the care trust are the secondary and specialist services (commissioned through a network). The care trust, working with GPs, is hoping to remain as the main health commissioner beyond the April 2013 abolition of PCTs.