COMMERCIAL: Capita has been named “preferred supplier” of HR services for 12 north Merseyside NHS organisations. The deal gives the outsourcing firm a toehold in NHS human resources.

The deal – worth at least £27m in its first seven years – means up to 150 NHS staff will be transferred to the company and moved to a shared service centre in Liverpool. It will provide HR, payroll and recruitment services for 12 trusts.

“We’ve been looking for an opportunity to do something within the NHS on the HR side,” said Andrew Buggy of Capita HR Solutions.

The framework contract allows up to 52 other named trusts in the region to buy into the deal in the first four years. It also includes options for the trusts to buy extra services, and to extend the contract to 10 years.

Mr Buggy said it was “too early to speculate” whether there would be redundancies.

Raj Jain, chair of the “collaboration” of 12 trusts buying into the contract, said it exemplified a “partnered approach in order to modernise services and make savings”.