FINANCE: A strategic health authority cluster summary shows North Yorkshire and York PCT is struggling to meet and plan for quality, innovation, productivity and prevention savings.

NHS North of England’s May board paper update on QIPP shows North Yorkshire & York delivered the lowest proportion of its planned 2011-12 QIPP programme of all the primary care trust clusters in the North region in 2011-12. The PCT saved £76m - 94 per cent of its planned £81m saving.

The board paper also notes the PCT’s problems in planning for QIPP savings in 2012-13. Its plan was given an amber risk rating. The paper says that at the time it was published the PCT had not signed major contracts for 2012-13.

It said: “Contracts are still to be signed with major providers in the NYY system, and while the plans are reasonably coherent, they are predicated on successful negotiation of an extremely tight financial position.

“Any movement away from this position as part of the negotiations places significant risk on plans. We continue to work closely with the health system to develop solutions that support quality and sustainability.”