With the advent of commissioning consortia and competition in the NHS, how will standards be improved and costs be driven down? Watch HSJ’s free online seminar now to find out

The NHS is undergoing one of the most significant periods of change in its history.  Concerns that the NHS will soon be unrecognisable may not be unfounded.  With SHAs and PCTs set to go within the next three years, commissioning being put in the hands of GP consortia and the concept of any qualified provider resulting in considerable debate, the shape of the NHS is certain to be very different in the coming years. 

But with all these changes ahead, there is a danger that the increased expectations of the patient will be forgotten and the impetus to improve patient standards to meet these expectations will be lost.  

And of course there is the overarching requirement to drive costs down in order to meet the £20bn in efficiency savings between 2011/12 and 2014/15.

Facilitator: Alastair McLellan, Editor, Health Service Journal 


  • Paul Zollinger-Read, Director of Commissioning Development for NHS East of England
  • Richard Lewis, Partner, Ernst & Young
  • Sophia Christie, Director of Alignment and Co-ordination, Department of Health

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