HSJ’s free webinar, in conjunction with the Chartered Quality Institute, is available on demand now.

The NHS has to make unprecedented efficiency savings over the next three years, while undergoing the biggest reform programme since its inception in 1948. This free online debate discusses what we mean by quality health services and which aspects of quality are being prioritised. It looks at how we can ensure that the quality of care that patients experience not only does not suffer during this difficult period, but continues to improve.

 Who should watch

  • chief executives
  • governance leads
  • risk managers
  • commissioners
  • directors and managers of provider services
  • clinicians

Issues addressed will include

  • What are the key elements of quality?
  • How does quality rank in the NHS reform agenda - do the Heath Bill and QIPP agenda support and drive improvement?
  • What are the barriers to quality?
  • What drivers can commissioners use to ensure services are high quality?
  • How can we ensure quality is driven upwards and how should it be prioritised, what is the impact of performance targets on this?
  • Which organisations will have the greatest impact on the development of quality health services?


  • Chair: Alastair McLellan, editor, HSJ
  • Dr Gillian Leng, deputy chief executive and director of evidence and practice, NICE
  • Tim O’Hanlon, fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and principal consultant, Atos Origin
  • David Stout, PCT Network Director and deputy chief executive of the NHS Confederation