STRUCTURE: The trust has opened a new specialist centre for emergency trauma and orthopaedic services at North Manchester General Hospital.

From 17 March 2012, orthopaedic trauma patients from Bury needing urgent surgery will be taken, usually by ambulance, to the specialist orthopaedic team at North Manchester General. 

“The specialist orthopaedic centre at North Manchester General Hospital has 38 beds which are split into seven beds on the trauma assessment unit (TAU), 21 beds in the post-operative section and 10 beds in the rehabilitation section,” the trust said in a statement. 

“Located within ward I5 at North Manchester General, a new Trauma Assessment Unit (TAU) has been developed in advance of forthcoming changes to inpatient and orthopaedic surgical services,” it continued. “The TAU provides a dedicated trauma assessment unit for patients who have been admitted to hospital with a proven fracture of the neck of femur, tibia, fibula, wrist injury or complex ankle injury.”

It added: “Previously patients would be admitted onto a general orthopaedic ward and could wait up to two and a half days before they had their operation.  Now, with a dedicated consultant ortho-geriatrician, a middle grade doctor and registrar, plus three trauma co-ordinators, the team work hard to ensure that patients are optimised, stabilised for theatre and operated on within 24 to 36 hours.”