HSJ has mapped all of the large scale GP groups working in England.

Our analysis is based on information provided by 207 of the 209 clinical commissioning groups.

The data reveals 328 GP groups and large-scale providers, which includes:

  • 238 GP federations;
  • three social enterprises;
  • 11 super partnerships; and
  • 73 networks, alliances, collaborations and localities.

For this analysis we have excluded GP providers whose practices are spread widely across many CCGs, such as the Hurley Group and The Practice Group. 

The figures also do not include 92 “primary care home” sites – a model primary care developed by the National Association of Primary Care, with each site covering 30,000-50,000 patients, which were not identified by CCGs.

Click on a CCG area on the map to see which GP federations, super partnerships or loose partnerships operate within it. Where no names are shown, no GP groups have been identified in the area. Some organisations will be named in more than one area because they operate across more multiple CCGs.








Half of large scale GP groups exceed NHS England's 'magic' size