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    Queen's speech: government to make Darzi review law


    The government will legislate to take forward the proposals in health minister Lord Darzi's next stage review, it was confirmed in the Queen's speech today. The NHS bill will create a duty to take account of the rights and responsibilities set out in the NHS constitution, which will be published ...

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    David Amos on developing the NHS workforce


    Into media coverage dominated by world events has crept something intriguing about bees. Scientists at Queensland University have used nectar-drenched markers in a tunnel to show that the insects can count up to four.

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    Patients warn of clinical metrics bias


    Efforts to win doctors' support for measuring quality should not be at the expense of involving patients, the Department of Health has been warned.

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    Advancing quality in the North West


    The system being implemented in the North West was developed by US firm Premier, owned by 200 of the country’s not-for-profit hospitals.

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    Quality accounts: pressure on to pick a winning combination


    In 18 months, trusts will have to produce their first quality accounts, based on a selection from hundreds of indicators. Dave West asks how trusts should choose their criteria, and how to act on what they find

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    Data tsunami will swamp trusts unless commissioners get a say


    The clinical data revolution came closer this week with the unveiling of the approach for improving quality and a survey on what to include in quality accounts.

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    Local NHS managers will get free choice of quality measures


    The Department of Health has published an ambitious framework for improving the quality of NHS care but its architect Lord Darzi has warned it is likely to get off to a slow start.

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    DH sets out framework for improving quality of care


    The Department of Health has set out how NHS organisations should move towards measuring and improving quality of care. Chief executive David Nicholson and medical director Sir Bruce Keogh have written to managers with a framework describing the role different organisations will play.

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    Monitor attempts to keep DH 'at bay'


    Monitor and the Department of Health could be heading for another tussle over central direction versus local freedoms.

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    Financial turbulence threatens NHS reforms


    Question over 550m earmarked for next stage review Concerns SHAs will be less able to support financially troubled trusts Potential refocusing on capacity over quality and choice Fears national work to define quality measures and legislate on compulsory quality accounts will be neglected Possible funding problems for social care ...

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    Mark Johnson on what Darzi means for NHS innovation


    Lord Darzi's review puts quality at the heart of the NHS. This vision can only be achieved through new forms of partnership working between the public, private and third sectors.

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    Andrew Jones on achieving quality care


    Piloting the NHS towards quality requires robust regulation and inspection, and the DH has already set up overlapping organisations to provide this, presumably with a thinly spread budget. But if Lord Darzi's plan is to be accomplished, it will require action rather than rhetoric, and action requires funding.

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    Ken Jarrold on Darzi and nursing


    While Lord Darzi's review of the NHS is to be warmly supported, it is astonishing that it contains almost no reference to nursing or to ward and team leaders.

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    Andrea Sutcliffe on transforming the NHS


    NHS 60 week was full of celebration of the past and, as Lord Darzi unveiled his plans for the next 10 years, full of promise for the future.

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    Improving quality: a perfect 10 from patients


    The next stage of NHS reform will be about improving quality - and an ambitious outcomes measurement regime will be crucial, say Jon Sussex and Adrian Towse

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    Robina Shah on speaking Darzi's language


    Nelson Mandela once said: 'If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.'

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    Partnership is key to delivering Lord Darzi’s NHS vision


    Lord Darzi’s Final Report High Quality Care for All puts quality at the heart of the NHS. His vision can only be achieved on the required scale through new forms of partnership between public, private and third sectors. For healthcare providers, there are some exciting incentives to encourage new ...

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    Darzi quality incentive puts £1bn at stake


    Up to 1bn - or 3 per cent - of annual hospital trust income will be contingent on meeting service quality requirements by 2010-11.

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    Darzi launches 10-year vision for the NHS


    Health minister Lord Darzi has set out his vision for an NHS focused on quality of services, where patients' wishes come first and nurses and doctors have the freedom to offer the safest and most effective treatment.