PERFORMANCE: Wales’s health minister Lesley Griffiths has said she will not be taking any lessons from her party’s rivals the Conservatives when it comes to the NHS.

The Tories again criticised the Welsh Labour government’s handling of the health service - citing a “huge rise” in the size of waiting lists and blaming Carwyn Jones’ administration for implementing financial cuts.

According to new figures, the number of patients waiting for a hospital appointment in Wales stands at around 390,000.

The Tories’ health spokesman and Clwyd AM Darren Millar expressed concern at the statistics - saying they amounted to a 14,000 increase within the space of a month.

However, a spokesman for Miss Griffiths hit back - and accused Mr Millar of “talking complete nonsense”.

He said: “We’re not cutting the health budget. We’re investing more than 43 per cent of the total Welsh government budget in health and social services - despite deep cuts to our budget by the Tory-led UK government.

“Welsh Tories are in no position to lecture anyone about the NHS.

“In England, they are making a complete mess of the health service by forcing through swingeing cuts, making staff redundant and letting waiting lists spiral out of control.”

The latest spat between the two parties comes in the wake of rising tensions over Wales’ NHS.

On Wednesday, a report from the NHS Confederation Wales warned some hospital services were in danger of “collapse” unless radical changes were made.

Among some of the recommendations included centralising clinical experts to improve services in some cases.

According to reports, the Welsh government is planning a “publicity offensive” about the dangers of continuing with the current configuration of services - amid opposition from the public and some health staff.